About us

We, Ismael and Roel, both love the beautiful beaches of Ibiza. That’s why we would like to enjoy a jellyfish free sea as much as possible and we want to prevent going to a place full with jellyfish. During our first talks we were wondering if there wasn’t a website to report jellyfish, also because Ismael needs this information for his work in outdoor activities and cliff diving. Roel had been bitten before by a few jellyfish and has wasted time by driving to beaches with jellyfish. Since Roel has developed several apps before, we thought an app would be ideal for this.

Now sea & beach lovers on Ibiza can easily report jellyfish and help others to prevent bites or irritations. We cannot guarantee that you will never been bitten by a jellyfish again, so that’s why we added a First Aid section with tips how to treat bites.

We are developing the app just for fun to help locals and visitors on Ibiza, so financial support is welcome! Please let us know if you want to sponsor our app or have any questions. You can reach us at info@medusasibiza.es.

Ismael & Roel