Terms and conditions Medusas Ibiza App

The Medusas Ibiza app

Medusas Ibiza is also the name of the Medusas Ibiza app, the most comprehensive jellyfish information app. This app is available for iPhone, the Android platform and online via The app is made available free of charge.



Medusas Ibiza accepts no liability for the use of this application, possible errors or omissions in this application. Within this application are incorporated links to other websites or services. Placement of links to an application or third-party website or to audio or video content does not imply that Medusas Ibiza endorses the obtaining there any information or services but is only meant to assist the user of this application and provide an opportunity to obtain further information. Medusas Ibiza is not liable for the content and / or the manner in which these applications, sites and services or handle personal data. Read the privacy policy, disclaimer, the copyright notice and general conditions of the relevant application, site or service.

We make no guarantees about and bears no responsibility or liability concerning the accuracy of the jellyfish forecast. Our forecasts are currently experimental and are produced using techniques that have not been validated. The underlying data for the forecasts are the direct product of the various weather forecast models run by and are presented without correction. Use the forecast at your own risk. For safe swimming we recommend swimming goggles or masks.



In connection with the regular data usage, we recommend an unlimited data plan. Medusas Ibiza is not responsible for any data charges incurred. Watch your roaming settings when you use the application abroad, turn off data roaming to avoid high costs.


Copyright and intellectual property

All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the content and design of this application belong to Medusas Ibiza or its licensors and are expressly reserved.

Except submissions of Content by yourself, all other content within the application, including but not limited to text, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos and interactive features within the application, are owned by or licensed to Medusas Ibiza or to the beneficiaries. All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights on content that is not posted by you belong to its licensors. All rights, titles, logos, and interest in and to the pages, such as Google Maps (excluding Content provided by users) are and remain the exclusive property of Google and its licensees. If you consider that a logo, photo or other content is included in error, please let us know and we will then, if appropriate, take appropriate measures.

You are not allowed to reproduce, make available and/or to use for commercial purposes the Content of third parties and/or other information in the Medusas Ibiza app. You are not allowed to reproduce, decompile or, reverse engineer the Medusas Ibiza app.


Privacy policy

Medusas Ibiza takes privacy of its end users seriously. This privacy statement explains how we handle your personal details. We recognize that privacy is an important issue and have developed our application and services with your privacy in mind.

We will process your personal data (eg location, Android advertising ID, information about the device and how to use the app, reported jellyfish, and other personal information) in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act Law for the protection of personal information and our Privacy Policy. Location details will be processed and stored when you use the Medusas Ibiza app, subject to your prior permission.

If you provide data to us than this is used for internal business purposes such as reporting and statistical analysis, and profile enrichment. Using this data, we can prepare content and pages for you, such as a jellyfish forecast for a specific beach. Your information may also be used for advertising and / or display notifications on the basis of your profile and location, such as an advertising campaign that we want to show in a certain location or beach. In this way we can target you as a user and minimize unwanted advertising services. In addition, we can contact you to make further announcements about our third parties or on the application.

What are the purposes of processing your data?

Medusas Ibiza uses data for the following purposes:

–       providing our services: displaying relevant information about jellyfish at your location and processing information about reporting jellyfish, etc.

–       enabling you to communicate to us about any jellyfish you have detected and other jellyfish information relevant to your location;

–       showing ads tailored to your location and/or user profile;

–       generating (historic) information (such as beach visit information or reports of jellyfish); we make this information available to third parties like local governments (this is done anonymously and it cannot be traced back to your phone);

–       being able to inform you about any other of our products and services that may be interesting to you;

–       further protecting our services against misuse;

–       being able to create statistics about the use of our services;

–       complying with all the statutory obligations that apply to us;

–       settling any disputes.

Provision of details to third parties

Your information will not be made available to third parties, except in the case of a legal obligation to Medusas Ibiza (the administrator of the application), Google Firebase, iTunes and Google Play Services. Firebase Analytics provides the reporting and our advertising partners (Widespace, Appnexus, Improve Digital and Nextday Media) take care of the advertising system.

Our reporting system, Firebase Analytics, uses a statistical program that records how often the application is visited or used; or items are clicked.


When using this application Medusas Ibiza and / or third parties as described above can collect information about your use of the application and associated websites, eg through cookies. A cookie is a small file that is sent along with pages from a Web site or application and are stored by your application or browser in the memory of your smartphone. The cookie allows you that you will recognized repeated visits to an application or website. The information, for example, is collected by means of a cookie, by Medusas Ibiza and / or third parties may be used for the following purposes:

1) For functional purposes: to navigate the app or to remember your settings and / or preferences.

2) For analytical purposes: to analyze the use of the application. For example, it can track how many visitors visit a specific page in the app, so we know which (parts) are popular.

3) For commercial purposes: to keep track of how many and which ads are shown (to prevent seeing the same ad) and to determine whether you have clicked on an ad or have visited a specific page. The use of cookies and other technologies from third parties, as referred to here, is subject to their own privacy policies usually available on their own website(s).


Data protection

Medusas Ibiza endeavor as much as possible to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction. Still, we can not guarantee that your personal information will be fully protected. Your personal data may be affected by acts which are beyond our control, such as computer “hacking” and physical theft. You provide your personal information at your own risk. If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact us via


Notifications and messages

To inform you on promotions, software updates or news about the app, we can send a notification or message via the Medusas Ibiza app. If you would rather not receive these notifications, go to General Settings in your phone and select the option that you do not want to receive notifications.


Modification of Terms and Conditions

Medusas Ibiza reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions. Any updates will be published on this page. We recommend that you regularly consult these Terms and Conditions, so that you are always informed on the applicable Terms and Conditions.


Who is Medusas Ibiza?

Medusas Ibiza is a trade name of MBZR B.V., based in The Hague and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 27262290. Our registered office is at Wassenaarseweg 76-417, the Hague, the Netherlands.

Your rights

Right to inspect

You have a statutory right to know which of your personal details are processed by Medusas Ibiza. It is very important to us that we are certain that we are passing on these details to the right person, so you need to bring your phone to our office. This is the only way in which we can make sure that we are providing the details to the right person.

Right of rectification

After receiving the summary of your details, you can request that we rectify, complement, remove or hide your details, if you think such details are not correct or if their being processed is not relevant or is a violation of any statutory provisions. To do this, you can contact us using the address details below. We will then decide about your request within four weeks and inform you accordingly.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about how Medusas Ibiza processes personal details or if you wish to exercise one or several of your statutory rights, then please contact us through one of the following options:

Ibiza Medusas

C/o the Privacy Department

Wassenaarseweg 76-417

2596 CK, the Netherlands

Or send an email to

Note: if you are younger than 16, this request will have to be submitted by your legal representatives (your parents or your guardian).



This agreement is subject to Dutch law. All disputes arising will be brought before the competent court in Den Haag.